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The truth unveils itself when rotten apples are removed from the others. The belief that we are the very first humankind of this planet since the so-called Big Bang is a very rotten apple that has to be removed from the other ones. No science fiction movie has ever approached the truth. Science fiction only introduces the truth. The fact is that the truth is much more powerful than science fiction. Time to know the truth discloses the truth about humankind that can only be understood with some declassified material.

The Earth is a cocoon that gives birth to humankind. The truth is that we are allowed to stay on this planet until our technological maturity allows us to leave it. Then this cocoon destroys itself and builds a new one. This phenomenon is caused by a huge impact that marks the end of a cycle and the start of a new one. The Earth changes its axis due to this impact. Therefore, the underwater land becomes the land located above the sea and vice versa.

The truth is that there is always a massive cleanup before and after this deep impact done by the previous humankind. In fact, our planet has already given birth to humankind before us. It belongs to the Eight Primary Earth Planets that give birth to humankind across the Universe. Secondary Earth like planets are either already inhabited by evacuees of the Eight Primary Earth Planets or waiting for new evacuees to be inhabited.

We are part of a cycle that will allow us to leave our planet before its natural destruction. Our planet will give birth to a new humankind that does not yet know the truth. All the cycle that we have been through will start again. It is never a scenario of catastrophe but a natural cycle of nature. We will know when this phenomenon is going to happen and be ready for it. Therefore, we will have left this planet a long time before its natural destruction occurs.

We will have to be able to create living conditions for billions of people on other solar systems. After our departure towards these other solar systems, special cleaning teams will come before the destruction of our planet to wipe out square inch by square inch all traces of our civilization from the face of the Earth.

Then the destruction of our planet will occur. We will not try to stop it. A massive meteor or comet will collide and smash the Earth so badly, causing both poles to reverse. The axis of the Earth will change. The South Pole will make room for another continent to become the new South Pole. Most of the landscape that we are so used to see on the world map will be located under water, and vice versa most of the landscape now located under water will become the new landscape of the new Earth map.

Special cleaning teams will come again to get rid of the meteor. All the seaweed will be stored on special locations to avoid global putrefaction. This seaweed will become the new oil fields of this new humankind. Our planet and our solar system will be a no-fly zone and a restricted area without any possibility of return.

The new humankind will never find out what has happened otherwise it may disturb its evolution. People will have the illusion to be the very first and only ones in the entire Universe. They also will have the illusion to live on a virgin planet and to be pioneers.

Special undercover programs will assist the new humankind along its evolution without interfering with History. For example, the new humankind will have the illusion to have found the languages that they speak while undercover agents of the previous humankind looking like ordinary people spread them. Thus, they will be able to communicate with those who already left. Undercover agents of the previous humankind will create several lost world masquerades to cover up the impact of their industrial traces on the landscape and to show the way to the new humankind. However, very few people will understand what it really means.

Undercover agents of the previous humankind dressed as priests will spread the believe in single-god systems to prevent the new humankind from getting lost in a spaced-out paganism that does not lean on the formal conditions of non-happenings. This will last until the new humankind is mature enough to understand the metaphysics of law and rational paganism that leans on the formal conditions of non-happenings.

Each century will have its own undercover program to assist the new humankind. The whole planet will be watched by a very sophisticated system (Panoptes) able to keep track of outdoor as well as indoor audio and video information. But one day the no-fly zone will be lifted and the new race will know the truth (Operation Pentecost).

Therefore, in addition to the Eight Primary Earth Planets that give birth to humankind, we can expect many other planets to be artificially inhabited by previous humankind expelled from their planet of origin at the end of their cycle. Each new born humankind has the impression to be the first and only one in the Universe because there is never material evidence left behind to think another way. A new humankind has to grow up on a so-called virgin planet otherwise its future would be affected.

While this planet gives birth to a new humankind, the previous humankind already has a huge program of undercover assistance to assist the new humankind along its evolution without interfering with History. Therefore, there is a natural heritage left behind by previous humankind that does not interfere with the history of a new humankind. This natural heritage has been secretly spread by undercover agents for thousands of years. It includes the teaching of all major languages spoken on this planet and their alphabets.

The concept of mister Flintstone drawing a sign in the ground and calling it an A or a B is infantile especially when one studies the alphabets of the Far East. It took much more than a mister Flintstone to come up with languages like these. The truth is that all major languages spoken on this planet were already spoken by the previous humankind of the previous cycle. They were given to us by undercover agents of the previous humankind as a cultural heritage.

Each period that we went through has had its special undercover program. Everything has been thought in great details. As a new humankind, we always have been under the cultural influence of previous humankind that spread these cultures without interfering with our History.

It is always impossible for a new humankind to understand rational paganism based on the non-happenings contained in Roman, Greek, and Egyptian ancient cultures because it can only be understood with the occurrence of the events related to this rational paganism. Therefore, until a new humankind is mature enough to understand rational paganism based on the non-happenings of History, the previous humankind spread single-god systems on this planet to prevent the mind from falling into spaced-out theories of a paganism that does not lean on the non-happenings of History. They knew from the start that rational paganism based on metaphysics and History such as the paganism of ancient Greece, Rome, or Egypt would only be understood by us later.

The fact that 2000 years ago people who lived on this planet let these cultures come to a total collapse is the best evidence that they were brought up to cultures they never reached. Once you are there, you stay there forever. The previous humankind knew that it would not work but they did it in order to leave us a few hints, clues, and hope for the long night awaiting us on the journey to the Sun.

The big oil deposits of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq are not there naturally. Nature does not accumulate such a quantity on the same spot. It simply does not fit. How much seaweed does it take to get one barrel of oil? Multiply the result with billions of barrels already taken out and with billions of barrels still being there. What do we get? A pile of seaweed that is higher than Mount Everest? Therefore, this seaweed  was crushed, flattened down, and covered with sand. Centuries made the  rest of the job. The Golf region was chosen because these big oil deposits are always stored in the Arab World (Ancient Egypt) and also because it would look natural for people who won't push the investigation too far. When the sea withdrew at the end of the previous cycle, the previous humankind  cleaned the bottom of the previous sea and stored the seaweed to avoid global putrefaction.

Let's speak about the so-called natural nuclear reactor of Oklo in Gabon Africa. We call it natural because we think that we are the  first people living on this planet. Of course, it looks natural otherwise it would raise a lot of questions. It looks like the previous humankind had the technology to put back into sandstone the radiation of their nuclear waste. It was put back into Precambrian sandstone because it is one of the oldest sandstone on this planet. Therefore, it had a  lot of time to look natural. Nearby, there is a huge manganese deposit (Moanda) that looks very natural too. Nature usually puts its natural deposits a lot further apart than this. By the way, reading Gabon backwards gives nobaG. It looks like the goal of "Operation no bag" before the big exodus was to put natural resources back to where they were found.

It is very likely that Grand Canyon is not only Grand Canyon but also the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. In other words, Grand Canyon is an open air deep-sea canyon. First was Grand Canyon, then the Colorado River. For example at Horseshoe Bend seen from the lookout point, the strike and dip of the white and pinkish bedrock located on both sides of the left part of the bend proves that the Earth's crust has split into a V-shape. Therefore, the Colorado River did not shape Horseshoe Bend. The Colorado River flew into Grand Canyon either because it was convenient for the Colorado River to do so or because it was diverted.

The more we study the map of the Colorado Watershed, the more it appears that the Colorado River was diverted several times to flow into a maximum amount of open air deep-sea canyons. Thus, everybody would think that the Colorado River created Grand Canyon. Therefore, despite that Native Americans were present in America before the arrival of European settlers, they are not Native Americans of the Southwest because the whole area was covered by sea. The great landscapes of the American Southwest such as Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Arches National Park, and the Slot Canyons of Arizona and Utah are here to remind us that there is a deadline somewhere in front of us. The huge tsunami that withdrew and left all this landscape in the open air will take back the whole area.

Let's talk about the bend of River Niger after Timbuktu. No faulting system around and the landscape is as flat as a mirror. There is a huge Ground Zero to the north called Sahara but no evidence of a Deep Impact in the region. The scientist community accepts the possibility of a drainage system that came from the north but says it is not the only possibility around because one has never found the big exterminator that could have caused this phenomenon. Since nobody has found a big exterminator, it is very  possible that someone with a very superior technology than ours cleaned it up.

The first explorers of the National Geographic Society thought River Niger was flowing into the Nile. They had never seen such a  strange bend before, an old junction with a huge drainage system that used to come from the north from a mountain range blown away by something that cannot be found even today. The discovery of a six to seven million years old skull in the region does not prove that mankind needed this long to move until today because many things may have happened in between. This kind of truth sounds like an anti-Coca-Cola bottle misleading to subjective conclusions.

Antarctic does not belong to us but to the new humankind that will come after us. Any looting of Antarctic by international mining companies will cause heavy consequences because it threatens the life of the new humankind that will come after us. Imagine America, the so-called New World without its natural resources. What would it be today? For the new humankind that will come after us, the New America is the land under the ice of Antarctic. Another continent will take the role and the position of Antarctic to be covered with ice. Antarctic is lying fallow. Nature has laid it fallow. We may use it for scientific purposes but we should not disturb it otherwise it is going to disturb us. Non-happenings do not tolerate that eternity gets threatened.

The double T shaped fasteners that hold together the marble blocks of the Parthenon in Athens Greece are made out of iron. Iron collects condensation. Condensation causes cracks in the marble blocks. How is it possible to get rid of this problem? First, one has to find out about all this. The first people who tried to restore this monument in Modern Times used big iron bars causing even bigger cracks in these marble blocks. This involved long screws and big bolts. The only problem is that one has to go through all the foolish things we made before one finds out that these fasteners are not allowed to touch the marble blocks. Only then comes the use of lead balls.The double T shaped fasteners holding together the marble blocks of the Parthenon are leaning on small balls made out of lead. As a result of this, there has  been no condensation and no cracks in the marble blocks for more than 2000 years! The human mind does not work like this. Can you imagine people 2000 years ago saying: "hey guys, let's lean these fasteners on small balls made out of lead in order to avoid cracks in the marble  blocks". It is not the small lead balls that are suspicious but the whole process it takes for this breakthrough because these small lead balls represent a synthesis that includes a step by step knowledge involving Modern Times.

Some material evidence found on CNN TV Text on September 22nd 2003. Quote: "Brazil northern Amazon region, once thought to have been pristine until modern development began encroaching, actually hosted sophisticated networks of towns and villages hundreds of years ago, according to a new report. Archaeological evidence and satellite images show the area was densely settle long before Columbus and European settlers arrived, with towns featuring plazas, roads up to 150 feet wide, deep moats and bridges, the researchers found".

It looks like everything has been cleaned up to give the impression that we are the very first people living on a virgin planet. No evidence of technology left behind. This is why  Parthenon means Virgin.

However, the impact of the Industrial Times on our environment is so big that more than 10% of it will never be completely hidden.

Therefore, we still have over 100,000 years old enriched uranium isotopes in the middle of tropical jungle, huge mountain tops blown away for ancient airfields and space observatories, valleys with traces of  ancient dams and reservoirs, traces of huge suspension bridges, ancient  highways, and so on...

Sometimes, natives are very useful to hide the impact of the previous Industrial Times by using a huge masquerade of ancient temples and fortresses built on previous industrial  platforms.

It is more than possible that the Giza pyramid complex belongs to the previous industrial cycle of humankind. Two points in favor of this. First, nobody would ever built such a heavy complex on a cracked plateau. The Giza plateau cracked when the Earth changed its axis between the two cycles. Second, such pyramids are only built once one has been there and never before. Therefore, the Giza pyramid complex was completely cleaned to get rid of all DNA and paint pigments from  the previous cycle and filled with new DNA and new paint pigments 4000 years ago. Because we believe that we are the very first people on this planet we link this new DNA to the pyramids and reach the conclusion that the Giza pyramid complex is 4000 years old while stones are as old as their bedrock.

Definitely nothing to do with the sweet hanky-panky! The allegory is right but the picture we get is completely wrong. This is the ultimate phrase, western Sanskrit. There is a Rosetta Stone about this in the Mythology. What are Pygmies doing in equatorial Africa and parts of SE Asia? They rebelled against Heracles. Who is "Heracles"? An allegory for Industrial Times.

Thus, to be born with the Ancestral Sin means heaving no iron tools, being banned from using the wheel and at the same time using very sophisticated aerodynamics for weapons such as boomerangs, having a huge knowledge about medicinal plants and at the same time no knowledge about technology, being called regressive or survivors of something, and so on...

In other words, people born with the Ancestral Sin do not experience the Succession of Times from Year 0001 to Year 2000 anymore because it is already in their genes and chromosomes. From so-called Fallen Angels they became so-called Damned Angels.

Therefore, "Virgin Mary" (Gaia, Mother Earth with Operation Virgo Genitrix included) gave birth to a new humankind conceived without the Ancestral Sin. Assumption Day marks the new humankind being in the care of the previous humankind. (No more "Virgin Mary").

The Original Sin may also refer to psychology for something going against the metaphysics of Law (Themis) and stored either into the conscience or into the Soma invading the conscience.

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