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Ancient modern Myths provide more information about Greek myths that are becoming the reality of today. These myths come from the future and not from the past despite evidence showing the contrary. For example, breaking the codes about the Madness of Ajax  leads us to the internal conflicts that occurred after the fall of the Soviet Union. One of the major worries of the US Military after the fall of the Soviet Union was to know who would be in charge of this huge nuclear arsenal. Quote: "when Thetis decided to award the arms of Achilles to the most courageous Greek left alive before Troy, only Ajax and Odysseus dared come forward to claim them. The arms were awarded to Odysseus". In our History, Russia became in charge of all the nuclear arsenal scattered in the republics of the former Soviet Union. All the History of Russia, since the fall of the Berlin Wall, is written in the Odyssey.

Quote: Echidna (ekhis, meaning "she viper") was called the "Mother of all Monsters". While cobras usually symbolize knowledge, a viper in a cave symbolizes ignorance. The background and the picture of Echidna are both represented in black because Echidna is always in the dark. Ignorance is the mother of all monsters.

By the way, Polyxena could not be identified before the vote of the Russian Duma that rejects by mid-December 2007 the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe because of the US missile shield planned in Eastern Europe. Quote: "Achilles'ghost had come back to the Greeks, demanding that the wind needed to set sail back to Hellas was to be appeased by the human sacrifice of Polyxena. She was to be killed at the foot of Achilles'grave". This is located on the last page of the last chapter. Russia’s suspension of the INF Treaty occured on March 4th, 2019.

Quote: "Astyanax was killed during the Trojan War by Neoptolemus (son of Achilles) who threw the infant from a wall (the Ukrainian Wall) and told his mother: -since my father (Achilles) killed his father (Hector) he might try to avenge the death. He also could become the King of Troy, and we want no more kings of Troy!" Any similarity between this quote and the events in Ukraine is purely not coincidental.

When Napoleon was in Egypt, one told him to say: "From the top of these pyramids five thousand years of History are watching you". Today, this sentence starts to make much more sense thanks to Google Earth and the satellite era. In fact, this  planet is under a watchdog that could be called "Global Time Cop Tracking". It is a very powerful tool that allows to go back and forth in our History. Its code name is Panoptes, and it is always put in place to get rid of Global Chaos whose code name is Typhon. The military just starts rediscovering its principle today. It will be given to civilian police forces later on in order to make crime impossible. As soon as the no-fly zone will be lifted, we will meet the Space Forces of the previous humankind. There is no need to panic. It is just a natural step of our evolution. There are times that do not allow transfers of technology, and there are times that allow them.


In this kind of context it is easier to understand why the wind is changing as far as the Jet Engine Era is concerned. In fact, there are many similarities between the myth of Apollo and Hyacinthus and Modern Aviation in Modern Times. However, the link between Hyacinthus and a jet engine is not easy to find and leans on the Greek origin of the concept Hyacinthus.

The concept Hyacinthus comes from the ancient Greek word Huakinthos that has two meanings. Huakinthos is a gem stone and a flower. The ancient Greek texts of Mythology and Metaphysics tell us that Huakinthos is a precious stone of blue color. There is a link between Huakinthos and blue sapphires that belong to the mineral corundum. There is also a link between a blue sapphire and a jet engine because the components of titanium and iron can be found in both. The second hardest gem stone after diamond is sapphire that has a good refractive index. Blue is always hotter than red in a flame.

When Apollo and Hyacinthus are practicing throwing the discus it is everything but a game of Frisbee. It rather means that the Aviation Industry is looking for other ways to fly because the Discus Era is the ultimate in Modern Aviation. Before the Discus Era is the Jet Engine Era. We all know that the wind is turning as far as the Jet Engine Era is concerned. The Jet Engine Era is synonymous with high fuel costs, Global Warming, and oil dependency. Therefore, the fact that "Hyacinthus was struck in the head  by a discus blown off course by Zephyrus" has a link with all the causes that push the Aviation Industry to proceed to the stage of the Discus Era. The discus caused the death of Hyacinthus because a previous era is always replaced by the era that follows.

The Discus Era is synonymous with no fuel costs at all, no accelerated Global Warming, no oil dependency and is very friendly as far as the environment is concerned. Therefore, Apollo transformed Hyacinthus into a hyacinth flower. Furthermore, the flower of a hyacinth has the shape of a jet engine. Watch these dense carpets of the Common Bluebell to get a better picture.

By the way, these links are too accurate to come only from human beings. All the necessary data were entered into computers that returned the necessary links contained in the concept Huakinthos. The myth of Apollo and Hyacinthus contained in Greek Mythology may look very unimportant while in fact it leans on metaphysics and carries one of the most important transition of Mankind in Modern History.


All what it takes is to find how he did it. The push should come from inside the vessel and not from outside. The ovoid shape of a disc does not only remove the drag caused by the sound barrier but is also the only aerodynamic shape that accepts multidirectional moves.

At the end of our cycle on this planet we will have to evacuate billions of people towards other solar systems. It is not with the booster principle that we will be able to achieve this. We should accept the idea of a push based on the fifth element. When we will accept the fact that it is possible to make electricity out of electricity generating enough electricity for itself and for more, we will be totally independent from oil. It will be a new era free from pollution and speedy Global Warming. Products will be able to zip from one side to the other one of this planet at very low costs. There will be a huge economic boom because all the money spent on energy will be spent in another way.

The Sun at the top of an obelisk deals with the after oil era that we refuse to accept because of obsolete interests. Quote: "Hercules can be very stubborn and often falls asleep".

The myth of Apollo throwing his disc is very necessary in Modern History because the Discobolus symbolizes the ultimate in Modern Aviation.

The texts of Greek and Roman mythology are very old. They are much older than the previous humankind that was on this planet before us. They were passed on to them. They transmitted them to us.

Therefore, it is very unclear at this point if “Operation No Bag” and “Operation Virgo Dei Genitrix” are included in the 12 labors.

“Operation No Bag” involves the industrial recycling that puts back as “natural” deposits all what we used from these “natural” deposits.

“Operation Virgo Dei Genitrix” is the biggest operation ever. It involves very heavy industrial equipment that gets rid of all human traces on the Earth. The purpose is to make it look pristine in such a way that a new humankind will have the impression to be the very first one on this planet since the so-called Big Bang. It allows the so-called “Immaculate Conception” of the new humankind.

What do we know so far? We know that Heracles / Hercules is an allegory for the Industrial World. "Hercules resumed the tradition of the Olympic Games". Nobody can deny that on our planet, the Olympic Games resumed in 1897 with Pierre de Coubertain. The Industrial Times made it possible. So, what came first as far as our Industrial World is concerned?

“As the Industrial Revolution took hold in the 18th century, Britain no longer needed slave-based goods. It was the era of the Industrial Revolution and the economic face of Britain and Europe was changing”. Cerberus was captured and put in chains by Heracles. End of slavery. For this one the link would be the chains.

The animal traction was replaced by industrial mechanical traction. Therefore, there is definitively a link between this stage of the Industrial World and the Augean Stables. The Steam Age, the first railways and the first cars cleaned all the stables that had never been cleaned before.

Then, electricity started to make a big show with electric cars running at 105 km/h in 1895. Soon after, the Industrial World gave up on electric cars and started to produce petrol cars instead. Therefore, there is definitively a link between this stage of the Industrial World and the Ceryneian Hind. “Hercules encountered Artemis and her brother Apollo and returned it”. It appears that the 12 Labors put the impact of a major breakthrough  before the breakthrough itself.

With the production of the first armored vehicles and tanks during WW1 the Industrial World changed the face of warfare forever. Therefore, there is definitively a link between this stage of the Industrial World and the Nemean lion (armored  skin, Hercules carrying the carcass of the lion on his shoulders). It is also very interesting to notice that the Calydonian boar (allegory  for WW2) is not mentioned in the 12 Labors.

What happened next? The Industrial World expanded to the 3 major Houses (the West, Russia  and the Arab World) and to the entire planet via colonialism. Heracles stealing the Cattle of Geryon?

Then, the Industrial World managed to get rid of major famines with the mechanization of agriculture. Therefore, there is definitively a link between this stage of the Industrial World and the Erymanthian Boar. “Bring the fearsome boar alive and not dead”. In this case the boar allegory does not refer to war otherwise it would have been said:” Bring the fearsome boar dead and not alive”.

Heracles had to tame the Cretan Bull. The stock market bull for the avoidance of a new Great Depression? “The 1970s oil crisis knocked the wind out of the global economy and helped trigger a stock market crash, soaring inflation and high unemployment”. The Industrial World taming the stock market bull?

Heracles had to bring back the Belt of Hippolyta, daughter of Ares and warrior queen of the Amazons. There is only one queen of the Amazons and this queen is nuclear deterrence. Therefore, there is definitively a link between the nuclear stage of the Industrial World and the Belt of Hippolyta (the fall of the Berlin Wall and nuclear disarmament).

Heracles had to slay the Lernaean Hydra. We face this Hydra almost every day. So, what do we do about it? We use high tech, advanced technology, satellite technology, advanced warfare weapons. The High Tech Industry slaying the Lernaean Hydra.

Heracles had to capture the Mares of Diomedes. Some versions say that these horses expelled fire when they breathed. They were man-eating and uncontrollable. What an allegory for petrol cars! The Industrial World and the After Oil Era as far as terrestrial electric vehicles are concerned.

Heracles had to kill the Stymphalian Birds, man-eating birds with beaks of bronze and sharp metallic feathers they could launch at their victim. They were sacred to Ares, the god of war. Furthermore, their dung was highly toxic. The Industrial World and the Aviation Industry are going to replace planes with a very revolutionary concept consisting in a magnetic push coming from the inside of a 360° vessel. The industrial production of planes will be totally abandoned.

Finally, “Hercules made his way to the Garden of the Hesperides, where he encountered Atlas holding up the heavens on his shoulders. Hercules persuaded Atlas to get some of the golden Apples for him, by offering to hold up the heavens in his place for a little while”. Atlas is an allegory for the volume of opposite resistance to materia. The Industrial World and the Advanced Space Program.

More updates will follow since we are moving forward in time. For further information visit Metaphysics in Modern Times.

We use them in particle accelerators.
They generate horizontal and vertical magnet fields.
This fresco shows how to move the fours magnets to change directions while hovering.
Similarities Between
Ancient & Modern Plutonium Cave
The columns (rods).
The circular shape of the structure.
The particular shape of the pool.
Deadly fumes coming out of the cave.
Similarities Between
Ancient & Modern Plutonium Cave
The rods.
The circular shape of the rod container.
The particular shape of the pool.
Deadly fumes in case of a leak.
This fresco shows how to shoot pixels
for a 3 dimensional television.
This fresco shows how to shoot pixels
for a 3 dimensional television.
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