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Metaphysics in Modern Times links metaphysics contained in ancient cultures with our modern Industry and modern History in Modern Times. For example, it appears that the destiny of the USA and the European Union is to build the new House of Rome. It also appears that the destiny of Russia is to build the new House of Athens. Both Houses will live together in peace with the awareness of the World Power symbolized by Castor and Pollux. The more we move in time, the more ancient texts make sense. What is the future all about? The answer to this question is located in Greek and Roman myths. These myths come from the future and not from the past. In fact, the ancient Greek language is a very modern Russian one that will be spoken all over Russia in a few decades fron now. We can already say by now that the cult of Athena will be reintroduced in Russia. Therefore, the Acropolis of Athens will be rebuilt in Russia.

Speaking about the new House of Rome and leaning on the ancient House of Rome, one can already say by now that there are many chances for the actual European Union to become the Western European Union and for Turkey to become a member of the Eastern European Union with its Headquarters in Istanbul. The more we know about Greek myths, the more it is getting easier to understand why all roads lead to Rome. Any similarity between the Union for the Mediterranean launched in July 2008 and the map of the Roman Empire is purely not coincidental. In God we trust is going to become: In Gods we trust.

The Greco-Persian Wars are related to the History of Russia (the Soviet-Afghan War, the First Chechen War, the Dagestan War, the Second Chechen War) while the Punic Wars are related to the History of the US and the European Union.

There are many similarities between the First Punic War and the Suez Canal crisis of 1956. There are also many similarities between the Second Punic War and the invasion of Kuwait by the Iraqi army whose elephants (tanks) really crossed the Alps because they were threatening the entire West as far as oil supplies were concerned. Finally, there are many similarities between the Third Punic War and the Invasion of Iraq because Carthage was not a direct threat but had to be destroyed (Delenda Carthago est). The stiff resistance mentioned during the Third Punic War can be found in Iraq today. By the way, the city of Leptis Magna in Libya remained part of Carthage's dominions until the end of the Third Punic War. (What a coincidence!).

Some people even say that there was a Fourth Punic War, a Fifth Punic War, and a Sixth Punic War. What about Tunisia for the Fourth Punic War, Libya for the Fifth Punic War, and Syria for the Sixth Punic War.

The future of mankind is bound to key technological inventions that are already mentioned in the Golden Heritage of ancients texts. The whole planet will remain stuck in chaos as long as these key technological inventions are not able to get through. No matter how much high tech we stick on a car, an exhaust pipe will always show how far we did not come. The spirit of petrol cars reminds the spirit of caves men: run after fire! Modern technology has not yet managed to knock two flint stones together to reach energy independence in the field of transportation. "Petrol is the blood in our veins" said general Schwarzkopf. It sure is. So surely that the military has no other options than to make sure that it continues to flow in our veins for the avoidance of a heart attack. Question: what about the future? Are we going to take it to the last drop? For how long? The oil era is only a step to reach the next one, the after oil era. If we don't do so as long as it is around, it will be more difficult once it is no more around. The future of mankind is bound to a very important concept. This concept is energy. The principle of motion of petrol cars is completely primitive, obsolete, and does not fit this new millennium anymore but we don't accept it because there is still enough oil for the next thirty years to come. Considering the disasters of global warming, it looks like we have been given more oil than this planet can take just to see if we have the wisdom to say no.

The principle of an airplane reactor is not completely unskilled because the airplane reactor is using part of its exhaust gas to move the bladed wheel which increases the run of the compressor but this does not decrease the need of energy necessary to fly. In order to achieve global trading on this planet, there should be at least twenty times more airplanes in the air than now, which is impossible because of the noise, the pollution, and the fuel costs. Therefore, airplane reactors are becoming outdated and obsolete. After the airplane reactor comes a principle of flying which equips not only planes but also space ships. It is a principle that stops using the element of fire. We know the four elements: water, matter, air, and fire. That' s not all! There is one more which has almost never been used: the fifth element, the one that holds the entire Universe together. The fifth element is able to move planets across the Universe in a very fast way as if they were feathers blown by the wind. Why don't we put this principle in our airplanes and space ships? It is the only one that has a future.

The booster principle is a little bit like putting fire crackers under empty tin cans to see how high they get blown away. Let's talk about the booster principle. One wants to bring an object into orbit around the Earth. Two things are required: a force superior to gravity and an energy to generate a force. With the booster principle there is a third unwanted factor adding itself up: the weight of the energy needed. Now, the more energy weights, the more force is required for the lift off. The more force is required for the lift off, the more energy is required to generate this force. The more energy is required to generate this force, the more the third unwanted factor adds itself up: the weight of the energy. Because of this unwanted factor, once again one needs more force for the lift off. It is a vicious circle. The result is nothing but a flying cathedral that generates a mini earthquake each time it takes off. The booster principle might look all right for our immediate needs such as putting satellites into orbit but it sure will never take us to the stars. If we want to go to space as easily as we go to the local supermarket, we have to find an energy that does not have this unwanted  factor. It' s got to be an energy that weights nothing. This energy is called electricity. The only problem is how to make electricity with electricity so that there is enough electricity to generate enough electricity for itself and for more because electric engines that run over 1 are regarded as going against the laws of physics. Then the problem will be the push. What kind of engine would be able to provide a push while being supplied with electricity? "Apollo threw his disc in such a way that it crossed the Universe". All what it takes is to find out how he did it.

It is completely subjective to believe that a space ship needs 150 years to go from the Earth to Proxima Centauri. It takes less time than this. Bodies don't behave in the same way when they are out of the volume of opposite resistance to matter (materia). Matter time slows down space ships. It takes seven months to go to planet Mars and seven months to come back because of the volume of opposite resistance to matter. Ancient Greeks and Romans used to call Atlas the volume of opposite resistance to matter (materia). Atlas is the Titan carrying the globe, and is an allegory that does not come from the past but from the future. You need a lot of time to reach your destination when you travel in there. Therefore, the hyperbolic flight is much faster than a flight on a straight line to go from the Earth to planet Mars. One should try to leave matter time, travel along it and come back into matter time near planet Mars. The volume of opposite resistance to matter in a solar system is very thin. The sooner one gets out of it, the faster one goes. It should take less than a week to go and come back from Mars on a hyperbolic flight otherwise intergalactic trading would be impossible.

In Mundo saltus non datur.
In the World (matter + volume of opposite resistance to matter) space-jumping is not given.

The reason why no ancient Greek monuments were built in Russia is that no ancient Roman monuments could be built in America before its discovery. Therefore, the Ancient Humankind chose Italy and Greece instead. They downloaded the entire History of the US and the European Union in Italy and the entire History of Russia in Greece.

Since the History of the Field of Mars located in Paris already fits the beginning of the History of the Roman one, it is easy to forecast what is going to happen to the Field of Mars located in Paris.

The reason why no building can be higher than Capitol Hill in Washington is that no skyscraper is allowed to hide an ancient architecture that already exists in this city but has not yet a happening. After all, Capitol Hill is Capitol Hill. Some of the other hills of ancient Rome (either Palatine Hill or Aventine Hill or Caelian Hill or Esquiline Hill or Quirinal Hill or Viminal Hill) may be related to the European Institutions located in Brussels, Luxembourg, and Strasbourg.

The National Mall in Washington deserves special attention. Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) was the sixteenth President of the US and used to live during the period of 1840 that saw the expansion of the railroads, the production of farm machinery, and the development of the iron industry in the US. Nobody can deny that when we walk from the Lincoln Memorial to the  National World War Two Memorial, we walk from 1840 to 1945. Therefore, the distance between Lincoln Memorial and National WW2 Memorial represents about 105 years. How would the American People describe this period of History? It surely was not an easy one. Therefore, the Reflecting Pool reflects the difficulties between 1840 and 1945 since it is much more difficult to walk in water up to your chest than it is on dry land. Walking on dry land is only possible after 1945.

Considering that the distance between Lincoln Memorial and National WW2 Memorial gives the number of years contained between these two periods, it is very possible that the distance between National WW2 Memorial and Washington Monument gives the number of years contained between WW2 and the Sun represented at the top of the obelisk. Now, knowing that the distance between Lincoln Memorial and National WW2 Memorial represents about 105 years, the distance between National WW2 Memorial and Washington Monument represents about 65 years. This means that among all the obelisks of this planet, the Washington Monument gives an indication that no other obelisk gives. The Washington Monument does not only show where the Sun is but also when it occurs in our History.

Since it is impossible to know first the fluent quantity of time represented by an obelisk, some people working with the architects who designed the National Mall had access to the future of our History. The Rainbow Pool was designed to make way for the National WW2 Memorial because with the end of WW2 there is always a rainbow. Since the ancient humankind has already been through this kind of show and since the metaphysics of History never changes, it was not difficult to let us know that the Sun represented on the top of the Washington obelisk occurs at about 76 years after World War Two. There are many chances that the National Mall will be called Via Sacra in the future because Via Sacra is always located in front of the Capitol.

Via Sacra is linked to the way that we came from Year 0001 to the end of times located at the top of an obelisk. Therefore, the area located between the Capitol and Washington Monument is divided in several sections that can be linked to the different periods mentioned in the tabular form of the House of Troy with a special mention for section number four that is split in more than two parts for the symbolization of the USA, Europe, Russia, and the Ottoman Empire. Let's put it this way. These spaces have been reserved for an upcoming antique and classical architecture.


The Doric, Corinthian, Ionic, and Composite orders are not only related to architecture but have a relation with History. Dorus received from his father the entire region facing the Peloponnese. Since the new Peloponnese is the Russian republic in which Moscow is located, there are many chances that the Doric order symbolizes the order within the Russian Federation. Therefore, the Roman Doric order symbolizes the order within the European Union and the US.

The Ionic order, because of the Ionic concept, symbolizes the order as far as borders are concerned, especially all the southern borders of the Russian Federation. It is an order that always leans on agreements that are symbolized by the volutes of the Ionic order representing scrolls on which these agreements are written.

There are many chances that the Corinthian order is related to something we are learning the hard way. In fact, this order comes from Egypt (symbolizing the entire Arab World) and from Assyria. These areas contain the biggest oil reserves of the planet. The ornate capital of the Corinthian order decorated with acanthus leaves and scrolls may symbolize an order that respects Nature. When one has been through all the mess of Global Warming, one knows what it means. The scrolls of the Corinthian order symbolize the internal agreements that allow this kind of order.

Finally, the Composite order, which is a combination of the Corinthian order and the Ionic order, would then symbolize the external agreements that allow this kind of order that respects Nature.

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