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The House of Troy provides information on Helen of Troy, and discloses the House of Troy in tabular form. What is the House of troy? Who is Helen of Troy? She is the most beautiful woman in the World. Who is the most beautiful woman in the World? Our first thoughts go to women as persons. Wrong. Helen of Troy is an allegory and symbolizes the beauty of Geometry. Why? Because her brothers are Castor and Pollux. Trojans abducted Helen. The Greek who wanted Helen for themselves started a very long war against Troy.

The World Power deals with Geometry. During the Cold War, each of the two Superpowers wanted to be the only Superpower on this planet. It appears that some future events are already part of our History even if they will only occur in the future. The Show adapts itself in advance to these not yet occurred future events. The World Power must have had such an impact on the previous humankind that some people started to replace their forks with chopsticks because the constant awareness about the World Power stops war and allows everybody to eat. They nailed a representation of the World Power at the scale of the Universe in front of each house.

Breaking the codes in Homer's Iliad and Odyssey takes a few milestones to lean on. One of these milestones is about the Colossi of Memnon in Thebes, Egypt. The Colossi of Memnon deal with the World Power because under a single name of Colossus are sitting two identical Colossi.

"Achilles killed Memnon in front of the doors of Troy"

This revealing sentence means that the Berlin Wall felt down because the former Soviet Union agreed to let it fall down. This is a huge milestone because one is able to put back in Modern History texts of the Greek Mythology that everybody thinks to be completely obsolete. The main lines of our History are already written. However, even the metaphysics of History allows some kind of freedom because sometimes several versions of a same legend exist. But all rivers flow in the ocean anyway. The fact that Achilles killed the Colossus of Memnon in front of the doors of Troy is very important because it allows a clear identification of the following two sides: Achilles who is related to the former Soviet Union (the former East Bloc), and Hector who is related to the former West Bloc including the USA.

Achilles is to Hector what the Warsaw Pact is to NATO.

Year 01

The Clovis-Charlemagne era

Low Middle-Age - Year 900 to 1300

High Middle-Age - Year 1300 to 1493

In 1493 the House of Troy splits in two because of the discovery of America.

                       ILUS                                                                             ASSARACUS
                   The New World.                                                               Renaissance in Europe.
                 History of America                                                           The beauty of this period
              between 1500 and 1800.                                                  is symbolized by Ganymedes.

                    LAOMEDON                                                                             CAPYS
History of America between 1800 and 1945.                           History of Europe between 1800 and 1945.
    From the start of the Industrial Times                                   From the start of the Industrial Times
                  to the end of WW2.                                                               to the end of WW2.

                PRIAM HECUBE                                                                      ANCHISES
              History of America                                                                 History of Europe
 between 1945 and January 20, 1993.                                     between 1945 and January 1, 1993.

                    ASTYANAX                                                                            AENEAS
            Astyanax era starts on                                                           Aeneas era starts on
    January 20, 1993 with Bill Clinton.                                            January 1, 1993 within the EU.
            The After Cold War Era.                                     Free trading zone-Ending of borders within the EU


Now, this is the kind of milestone allowing us to say that the two kids (Romulus and Remus) who are breast-fed by the allegorical Romaic She-Wolf are related to the above tabular form and represent two great nations born in the Wild. One of the two brothers crossed the line of the future Rome drawn by the other who threw a spear at him and "killed" him. Could this be related to the different point of view between the EU and the US about the invasion of Iraq? The future will tell. We don't have enough retrospect yet. Our Modern History is too young.

The same problem happens with the Twelve Labors of Heracles (the twelve biggest industrial breakthrough). First of all, they are upside down and their numbers on the list does not fit with their order of arrival in History. It is already possible to identify some of them but not all of them because our Modern History is much too young. However, there are huge similarities between the Trojan War and the Cold War between the two superpowers. The concept of Troy carries other pictures than the ones we carry. After the House of Troy comes a big transition for the West. The House of Troy is followed by the Roman period that carries other pictures than the ones we carry.

All the so-called AD years are contained in the Obelisk, and most of the so-called BC years are in fact the so-called AD years of the previous humankind in allegorical terms.

And by the way, The House of Achilles is related to the History of Russia.

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