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The Golden Heritage provides information about an ancient and golden heritage that does not come from the past but from the future. Therefore, this heritage is a golden one. Our mind seems to accept things against the way they work because it is a power of synthesis that is able to work without the power of reason. Then it submits its synthesis to its own power of reason that regards it as true. However, there is another power of reason that scans all this. We have the power of reason of our ego and the one of the metaconscience.

For example, Acupuncture disturbs our modern medicine. How did one discover acupuncture 5000 years ago while living in caves at that time? Even today the most sophisticated scanners on this planet are unable to show what really happens when one sticks these needles in our nerve centers. The so-called modern medicine does not accept these nerve centers because it is still very inexperienced compared to the modern medicine of the previous humankind. If we accept that 5000 years ago people in China discovered by chance the nerve centers of the body and stuck needles in them just for fun, then we have a poor knowledge on how a knowledge of synthesis occurs. The scanners of the previous humankind were so sophisticated that they were able to tell the changes and the different types of energy carried by nerves, their main junctions, where, and how this energy spreads. They found out with their scanners that they could intervene on each nerve of the body just with a single needle and saw exactly what was happening while doing so. The previous humankind gave us acupuncture as heritage but they did not give us antibiotics as heritage because it was the job of Fleming to do so. Can you feel the  spirit?

The spirit, the yoga, the postures and the acting involved in Kama Sutra can only be found with the help of highly sophisticated three dimensional pictures issued by highly sophisticated scanners similar to the ones that we use in hospitals today. It is only when couples have sexual intercourse into one of these three dimensional scanners that one is able to see what really happens during sexual intercourse. It is only then, and never before that one is able to understand why these positions have been chosen and not other ones.

A Hindu sitar sounds Zen, bio feedback, and is supposed to drive you to other conscience levels. The sound of a Hindu sitar has been created  before the Hindu sitar because it has two resonators. One does not come up with two resonators on a same instrument unless one wants to approach a sound that already exists. Therefore, the sound of the Hindu sitar was the result of a study based on the affect of sounds on the mind just as we start to do with our computers today. The previous humankind studied the electroencephalograms of people hearing these sounds. These cyber sounds gave good results. Then the previous humankind decided to create an instrument able to restore these cyber sounds. They came up with the Hindu sitar equipped with two resonators because one resonator was not enough to come close to these cyber sounds.

The Ramanaya contains the same spirit of allegories and metaphors than the Golden Heritage of Greek Mythology. The elephant god Ganesha is the equivalent of Heracles.

In the USA, 180,000 people die each year due to cardiovascular problems, in France about 120,000 people and in Germany 400,000 people. For the same percentage of people in a country of the Far East such as Thailand, there is an annual death rate of only 1600 people caused by cardiovascular problems. In traditional curry dishes one can find many things that help the body and prevent illnesses in a prophylactic way. They are the kind of dishes that one makes when one knows all the harm that one causes to the body when one does not know. When we will be aware that our food in the West is not healthy, we will start to create dishes such as the curries of the Far East with a lot of prophylactic medicine in them.

Get this: In the Far East they did the reverse. I' m sorry but the mind does not work like this. 2000 years ago, even 200 years ago, no high-tech was available on this planet. One does not reach the ultimate of dietetics unless one exactly knows what one does. Furthermore, to do so in such an accurate way requires the backing of high-tech otherwise one does not even know from what one is dying. The spirit behind all this is easy to find: make food as tasty as possible until people get hooked on it. Put in food as much prophylactic medicine as possible in order to avoid major health problems. Make sure that everybody has access to it everywhere. Keep it cheap and make sure that it is considered as common food that can be consumed everyday.

In the Far East, most temples are more than temples. They are an art show issued from a classical and golden heritage. It is only after traveling all over the Universe that one starts building temples like these. Octagonal shapes all over the place. Even the shapes of the roofs and the number of parts forming the roofs of these temples have a meaning. The architecture of these temples contains many substrata that lean on the formal conditions of non-happenings. And finally, in the West the way of saluting people is about the ego saluting another ego. It is a conscious salute. In the Far East the way of saluting people is about the metaconscience saluting the metaconscience. It is a metaconscious salute.

A Japanese Gorinto is connected to metaphysics and represents the Five Elements in Modern Times. The first piece at the bottom is a cube that represents the Earth. The second piece from the bottom to the top is a sphere that represents the element of Water. The third piece is a trapezoidal volume that represents the element of Fire. The fourth piece is a bowl shape that represents the element of Air. Finally, the fifth piece at the top  is a so-called jewel shape that represents the so-called Void.

A Japanese Gorinto gives the impression of an unstable pileup that belongs to Modern Art in Modern Times. Why this kind of pileup and not another one? Why is a cube representing the Earth while straight lines do not exist on a sphere? Why representing the element of Water with a sphere while there are no links between Water and a sphere despite that there are links between the Earth and a sphere? Finally, why is the so-called Void considered as the Fifth Element while the void is not an element?

The cube at the bottom does not only represent the Earth but also the work done on the Earth because straight lines do not exist on a sphere. We  have to accept that a Japanese Gorinto does not only represent The Five Elements but also their use. When three cubes instead of one are located at the bottom, they symbolize the work done at the scale of our planet, galaxy, and Galactica Magna. The use of a sphere representing the element of Water is not easy to find right away. However, the trapezoidal volume representing the element of Fire links to the  engine's combustion chamber of a jet engine and not to a volcano because volcanoes are devastating and cannot be shaped.

The era of the jet engine and oil follows the era of the steam. Therefore, it is possible to link the sphere representing the element of Water to the  power of the steam contained in a container ready to explode. The Blazing Water Decoration (suien) located on the finial of a Japanese Pagoda proves that this is not only a possibility but also a reality. The era of the jet engine and oil precedes the era of alternative energy and sustainable development. Therefore, the bowl shape representing the element of Air can be linked to the front part of our modern windmills.

Finally, the so-called Void contains a lot of magnetic fields and could not be called another way because the use of magnetic fields at a large scale occurs after the oil era and never before. Since it takes two identical magnets to generate this kind of magnetic field, the so-called jewel shape has the same shape at its top and bottom. The so-called jewel shape is in fact a magnetic field generated by two identical magnets and is called Wishfulfilling Jewel (to fulfill all wishes) when located at the top of the finial of a Japanese Pagoda. The five pieces of a Gorinto is a synthesis of our modern Industry in Modern Times and is a master piece of Modern Art that went classical in the course of  time.

The finial of a Japanese Pagoda is astonishing. The so-called Dew Basin at its bottom is connected to dawn. Aurora always comes with  the end of the Cold War between the Two Superpowers. This explains the shape of the Dew Basin that is connected to the Eight Primary Earth Planets of the Universe. The reversed bowl is opposed to the flower bowl that opens releasing the knowledge of our evolution. Therefore, the reversed bowl symbolizes ignorance. The dew basin, the reversed bowl and the flower bowl means that after dawn ignorance is replaced by knowledge. Not only does its rings contain the substratum of the universe islands that contain the Eight Primary Earth Planets of the Universe but also are represented the Big Three of our modern Industry in Modern Times. Without willing to argue about the number of rings depending on the way we look at it (one plus two plus four plus two or eight plus one for those who have already been through this etc...) the symbolization of Steam, Fire, and Magnetic Field deserves special attention.

The power of Steam is represented by a blazing water decoration instead of a sphere ready to explode. Then, the element of Fire looks like a barrel of oil and is called Dragon Wheel or Dragon Vehicle. This is not very difficult to understand especially with all  the wars that we experienced during the Oil Era. Finally, the power of magnetic fields used at a large scale is called The wishfulfilling Jewel (to fulfill all wishes) because it is clean, free, and does not accelerate Global Warming. For all these reasons, the finial of a Japanese Pagoda is not only connected to metaphysics but also to the history of our modern Industry in Modern Times.

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